Brzeszcze is a small commune, picturesque situated in the valley Kotlina Oświęcimska between two rivers marking its borders, Soła from the east and Wisła from the western side. The commune is located in the border zone of Małopolska and Śląsk regions, therefore the great diversity of the tradition and folklore. It borders with the communes of Oświęcim and Kęty belonging to the Małopolskie Province and Wilamowice and Miedźna included in the Śląskie Province. The commune Brzeszcze occupies the surface of 46 km2, and is inhabited by over 21 thousand people. In its administrative frontiers, beside of the town of Brzeszcze there are also 5 village administrator’s offices Jawiszowice, Przecieszyn, Skidziń, Wilczkowice and Zasole. Through the commune there runs the province road number 949 connecting the town of Brzeszcze with the province road number 948 on the section Kęty – Oświęcim and province road 933 connecting Pszczyna with Oświęcim and Chrzanów.

The transportation accessibility of the commune, its location  in the short distance from the southern border of Poland and the communal infrastructure present nowadays an attractive offer for the economical entities existing here and is a significant factor being conductive for the establishing of new small and medium undertakings. The greatest employment entity on the territory of the commune is the coal mine Kopalnia Węgla Kamiennego “Brzeszcze – Silesia”, employing over 3 thousand people. On the territory of the commune overweight the firms acting in the trade and service sector. Since over 60 years there run its business the net of the Common Food Industry Association “Społem” and the Commune Cooperative Society “Samopomoc Chłopska”, and other commercially service firms like: ”Agencja Komunalna Spółka z o.o.”, “HYDROSTAL Sp. z o.o.”, “Biedronka”, “Netto” and “Lidl” being now beside of the mine, the greatest employers in the commune. Not without importance was the fact, that all decisions concerning the undertaking and development of the investments are taken with the care of the natural environment. The commune possesses its own sewage treatment plant, leads the selective communal waste collection and has got its own tip. The educational base of the commune present the kindergartens, elementary schools, gymnasiums and secondary schools. Much care is provided to the handicapped people. The great interest enjoy the occupational therapy workshops of the Brother Albert Foundation and the programs of the Parents Association for the Handicapped Children “Olimp”. In the kindergartens and schools there are carried out also the integration departments.

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